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P.O. BOX 490, St. Peters, PA 19470

+1 800 592 1525

P.O. BOX 490, St. Peters, PA 19470

Enjoy a flight over the majestic and scenic Chester, Montgomery, & Berks County countryside. You will be blessed with tree covered rolling hills and the little towns and villages of Southeastern Pennsylvania

This ride over the beautiful Arizona desert will satisfy your quest for adventure. The landscape below and the distant views of the city complete a photo memory just for you.

Balloon Rides Across America is the country's premier hot air balloon ride service. From helping you plan your flight destination to scheduling your ride time to piloting you high above the horizon line, we offer a complete, all-in-one service to set you adrift on your next hot air balloon adventure. And the best part is, no matter where you live or where you're traveling in America, we've got a balloon waiting for you.


Create a Memory………….Few things in life can compare to the thrill and exhilaration of a ride in a hot air balloon. Whether you are 9 years old, or 90 years old, the sensation of being airborne in a beautifully colored hot air balloon, can not be equaled. The feeling of floating in an open balloon gondola, suspended by a magical bulbous sphere will allow you to experience a new found freedom totally unlike any other aerial adventure.


Live the Dream………….Imagine yourself viewing beautiful hot balloons floating overhead. Picture yourself in one of those beautiful hot air balloons. Set yourself free, fulfill the child like curiosity of lifting off, floating effortlessly across the countryside and ascending into the ethereal regions of the sky in your own hot air balloon.


The World is your Balloon………….Balloon Rides Across America is the premier hot air balloon company operating in America. Whether you are planning a hot air balloon ride in New York, New Mexico, Florida, or California, our Team stands ready to deliver an extraordinary balloon ride experience for you, your family, your business clientele, or for your corporate outing.


The One and Only………….While many imposters and illegitimate hot air balloon companies litter the internet, take comfort in the fact that Balloon Rides Across America, operating nationally, is the only company of its type. We are proud of the fact that we are owned and managed by professional balloonists, supplying the best possible hot air balloon experiences throughout the United States. Our staff, our pilots, and crew persons are highly experienced and uniquely qualified to satisfy your quest for the best.


The once in a Lifetime Gift………….Give the Gift of Flight. Long after the novelty of a TV,DVD player, or appliance is gone, your gift of a hot air balloon ride gift certificate will be talked about, remembered and treasured as a lifetime memory. The Balloon Rides Across America Gift Certificate is available to be redeemed at any of our locations throughout the United States. Any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, are perfect for this fantastic gift. Travelling, schedule your balloon ride in Florida, Colorado, Arizona, or Philadelphia with a simple phone call.


fly almost anywhere in the U.S.

Come aboard your hot air balloon to begin your day as the sun rises over the beautiful quilt patterned Amish farmland. View the rural sites of Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Strasburg.


Departing from Bird In Hand, PA

Take a hot air balloon ride in one of the most famous places on earth.  In the air, you will enjoy views of native Florida, parks, streams and farms.  Coasting over citrus groves will only add to your enthusiastic joy in the sky.


Departing from Kissimmee, FL


Departing from Pottstown, PA


Departing from Phoenix, AZ

Departing from Kissimmee

$219.00 Per Person

Departing from Pottstown

$219.00 Per Person

Departing from Phoenix

$199.00 Per Person

Departing from Bird In Hand

$219.00 Per Person